Career in the Spotlight: Scott Cupit (48, Director of Swing Patrol)

ScottThis week I interviewed Scott, who went from a career in banking to running one of the largest swing dance schools.  Here he tells us what helped him to make that transition, why he will never take his work for granted, and how, despite his success he is still not that keen on the limelight.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

My uncle, my grandfather and my father are all very successful Baptist ministers.  Because I was the eldest son, I assumed I was going to be called to be a Baptist minister.  So much so that I even went and studied theology at a college in Melbourne.  But to go down that path you have to really feel a very different calling, and I just never got that calling.  I just assumed that it what I would be for years.

And what do you do now?

I run a Swing Patrol club.  It’s a specialised dance school.  We specialise in teaching lindy hop and our number one focus is teaching people how to swing dance.  We have a big community and I am the head of all that, so it’s just managing the big family I guess. Continue reading